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    The fruit, rich in anti-inflammatory substances and vitamins A, C, and K, is a powerful source of lycopene, which, according to studies by the University of Oxford and Cambridge, benefit the skin, hair and prevent cancer. With a strong presence on Brazilian tables, consumed in salads, sauces, processed foods and even juices, its beneficial characteristics and its fresh flavor awaken the certainty of an exponential growth in consumption according to the Brazilian Association of the Tomato Production Chain for Processing .


Brazil among the 10 largest exporters of the product and with a tendency to grow

    The tomato, considered by many to be the most important vegetable, both from an economic point of view and in terms of health benefits, generates a world production of more than 150 million tons a year, according to the United Nations Organization for Health. Food and Agriculture. Currently, Brazil is in 8th place among world producers, however, the biggest consumers are located in North America, thus indicating a great opportunity for exports, which in times of crisis, has become a great ally of producers.

Favorable opportunities in North and Latin America

    In Brazil, despite the growth in demand for tomatoes, as well as the expansion of its industries and farms having seen the trigger in the 1970s, investment in the export of the fruit is currently extremely advantageous, especially for places like Mexico, Argentina and countries that they are part of Mercosur, as they benefit from the absence of export tariffs, thus facilitating trade.  

    Today, Brazil reaches values close to 64,000  hectares of planted area according to IBGE. With more than 4 million vegetable gardens cultivated throughout the country, and planting techniques developed to minimize risks, the Brazilian soil is becoming increasingly fertile and fruitful for tomatoes. Currently, with the search for natural and healthy foods, in addition to industrialized and fast consumption, Brazil has a strong chance of occupying a larger world space and the industrial tomato market shows that growth is certain.


The importance of an international consultancy  


     Knowledge about industry trends and consumer preferences becomes essential when exporting. Investing in ways that allow you to know the target audience, in addition to finding out about new markets that favor its production, and countries that have great opportunities, ensures that the exporter has favorable results.  

By Karol Colby on 03/03/2021



Expanding tomato: from plantations to the international market

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