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Discover some social projects carried out by Prisma



Dazong was created in 2017, after we carried out a warm clothing campaign, with the aim of uniting Prisma's social actions in a single project and making them periodic. The central axis of Dazong is to help NGOs and charities, through dissemination in our social media and others communication channels, as a way to expand the visibility of their campaigns, and also in-person actions with our members, in addition to collect food, school material, clothing, etc. 

Are you part of an NGO or charity? Get in touch with us at and we'll be happy to include you in the Dazong project!

Dazong + ESPM Social

In a partnership between the Dazong and the Diplomata Social project, which aims to insert the UN simulation culture in public schools and democratize access to education, it belongs to the ESPM institution dedicated to carrying out voluntary actions, ESPM Social , the Prisma team gave a class to students from the Major Arcy State School, who were preparing for a diplomatic simulation at the end of the school year. In the first part of this class, our members taught negotiation techniques and information research about countries, based on their experiences with carrying out Prisma's consultancies. In the second part, our members introduced the students to the theme of simulation, which covered gender inequalities in the African continent and in the Middle East.

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"Lacrou Mana"

Held throughout the second half of 2021, Lacrou Mana was an internal project, in which our members, in the form of a competition, endeavored to collect the largest possible amounts of bottle caps and can seals, which were later donated to several NGOs around Brazil.

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