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International opportunities in the market
of propolis

    Propolis is a substance produced by bees from the sap of trees, combined with bees' wax and saliva, to create a product that has the function of protecting and coating the hive. It has antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, in addition to having numerous minerals and vitamins that are positive for humans. Although it is a product easily found in all corners of the world, the climate and Brazilian vegetation make it possible to create propolis with more medicinal properties, which has greater appeal in the international market.

prosperous merchandise abroad


   In Brazil, the most sold and sought after type of propolis internationally is the green propolis from Minas Gerais. However, it is important to point out the international growth of red propolis, produced on the northeastern coast, which is attracting the attention of the largest consumer market for this product, the Asian one.  The demand for propolis in the international market is gradually increasing and as a result, the added value of the product increases significantly every year. Currently, the valorization of propolis occurred due to incipient scientific research that corroborates the popular belief that it could be effective against COVID-19.


   According to a survey by EMATER-MG (Technical Assistance and Rural Extension Company of the State of Minas Gerais), the global demand for Brazilian propolis has increased 30% in the last two years. Exports, which in the past were mainly centered on the Asian market (Japan, China and South Korea), are now beginning to expand to North American and European markets, as Brazilian propolis is internationally recognized for its quality. However, it is still very important to mention that among these, Japan is the main importing market for Brazilian propolis, absorbing around 80% of the national production.

The importance of consultancy in the internationalization process


    With this growing range of countries that import Brazilian propolis, export has proven to be a great opportunity for Brazilian producers to diversify their international presence and explore new and promising markets. However, it is still a considerably new product for consumers, so it requires special attention to its internationalization. To map and locate the best export opportunities for this product, it is recommended to carry out a Market Identification, where it is possible to locate and define the recommended and promising destinations for export, and with a Market Analysis, there is greater accuracy in the analysis commercial, political and cultural of the chosen destination, a task that an international consulting company proposes to carry out, optimizing the process, maximizing the chances of profit in the export.


By Felipe Collmus De Marchi on 21/04/2021



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