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Jellies: success on the tables and on the foreign market

    With the most diverse flavors, the jellies are sweets obtained from the pulp or juice of the fruits, which, with the addition of sugar and water, form a gelatinous substance commonly used to preserve the fruits.

    The origin of the jams is not clearly known. Some believe that fruit compote emerged with the Arabs as the best option for preserving food. Others speculate that Leonardo da Vinci was the creator, as in his book "Leonardo da Vinci's Recipe Notes", he supposedly contains the first record of a recipe from the same. Despite its uncertain origin, this sweet came to be on the tables of the upper classes and the nobility thanks to Catarina de Bragança, princess of Portugal who sent orange marmalade to her future husband, Prince Charles II of England, spreading interest in the consumption of jam .

  Expanding food market

     In Brazil, the market for products without preservatives or industrialized chemical components has been expanding, and, above all, the market for jams can strongly benefit from this aspect, as many producers are small, supplying more natural and differentiated products. In addition, among the biggest trends of Brazilians, there is a greater interest in richness of flavors, subtlety of taste and tasting of novelties, making the jams stand out for consumers. According to the Brazilian Food Industry Association (ABIA), the national food sector's revenue grew 6.7% in 2019, and more specifically the export of jams grew 60% in 2019 compared to the previous year, according to the Ministry of Industry, Foreign Trade and Services, showing that the food industry in Brazil is expanding, largely because of the new trends of Brazilians.

   Search for Brazilian products.

     The international market shows growing interest in Brazilian foods. In 2019, exports from this sector represented 19.2% of the total collected, according to ABIA. The main buyers are China, Netherlands, United States, Hong Kong and Saudi Arabia, but as it is a very comprehensive area, a specific market analysis on a given product will help in choosing the best country to invest in.

  The importance of the performance of an international consultancy

   Despite the current situation of the international market with the COVID-19 pandemic, the search for natural and differentiated products continues to grow around the world. After a professional diagnosis of the consumer market, investors will know where and when to expand their homemade jam business, being more aware and prepared to go beyond new frontiers.  


By: Mariana Barboza 24/09/2020


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