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Guava: the market potential and its relevance

    The origin of the guava tree has been the subject of much study. The question is whether the tree is of Asian or American origin. The fact is that this fruit originates from tropical regions, therefore, some researchers claim to be native to Brazil, from where it spread to all other tropical and subtropical regions on the planet. With the growth of the product on the international market, the search for information related to its trade and its properties became constant.

The relevance of fruit in everyday life  

    It is difficult to enumerate how many types of guavas there are. However, the two main species of the fruit are red pulp guava and white pulp guava, with Brazil being the world leader in the production of the former. It is a fruit with great nutritional value that guarantees several health benefits, due to the fact that it is very rich in vitamins C, A and B. In addition, this fruit has few calories and, therefore, it is a great option for be included in the weight loss diet.

Brazil as a large producer and the export market

   In Brazil, the main guava producing states are Pernambuco, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, which account for 80% of the total produced in the country. According to IBGE data, Brazil produced around 578,608 tons of guava in 2018. This number only tends to increase as the fruit export market gains strength in the country. This is shown by data from the Brazilian Association of Fruit and Derivative Exporters (ABRAFRUTAS), where it can be seen that between the 1st half of 2020 and the 1st half of 2021, guava exports ranged from 88,884kg to 234,461kg, resulting in a percentage increase of 164%. According to the Secretary of State for Agriculture, Livestock and Supply, the United Kingdom, France and the Netherlands (Netherlands) are the main destinations for these exports.


Investment opportunity and choosing a good International Consulting

    Given the facts presented and with the high expectation of growth in the export market, the internationalization of this fruit is an excellent investment opportunity. With that, the help of a specialized international consultancy would be very useful to identify the best destination opportunities for this product and, thus, increase the chances of success of this internationalization.

By Lucas Orlando on 13/09/2021    


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