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Tapioca and its wide acceptance in foreign markets

    The consumption of Tapioca, a product made from cassava, initially common in the North and Northeast of Brazil, has not only spread throughout the Midwest, Southeast and South of the country, but also throughout the world. Consumers look for tapioca not only for its flavor and versatility, but also for the benefits it brings, such as being low in sodium, fat-free, rich in easily digestible carbohydrates and  gluten free . This adds to the fact that healthy foods are increasingly being incorporated into people's diets.  

    Consumers are looking for more natural products

    According to studies by strategic research firm Euromonitor International, consumers are looking for more natural products as they adopt a healthier lifestyle. In 2018, the company conducted a survey in Brazil, with people from various  Latin American nationalities, and 48% of respondents chose the 'healthy' category as their preferred attribute when shopping for food and beverages. The reflex of this fitness phenomenon is in the segment of healthy products, which generated, in 2017 alone, R$92.5 billion in the country. What is expected is that the sector will continue to grow and present an overall growth of 3% by the year 2022.


    According to a study carried out by the Brazilian Micro and Small Business Support Service (SEBRAE) with data from Brasil Food Trends 2020, the healthy food market has been experiencing an average growth of 12.3% per year in Brazil alone.  

    In 2017, tapioca moved around 86 million dollars

    Based on data collected by the OEC (Observatory of Economic Complexity), in 2017, tapioca moved around 86 million dollars, with the United States, Japan and France being the biggest importers of it this year, and the trend for the future is the growth of its export. In 2018, 45 companies exported tapioca to the United States, the largest consumer of this product in North America, totaling 1,637.32 metric tons.

    The importance of the performance of an international consultancy

    Exporting this product is a guarantee of success for expanding your business throughout Brazil, as not only tapioca, but Brazilian cuisine in general is becoming more and more popular abroad, and the search for healthy food is only increasing. ​​​

By Nadia Haddad on 04/09/2020


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