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Sustainability and conscientious consumption: the next trends in international trade

   In the last decades of the 20th century, after many years of destruction and damage to the environment, humanity began to discuss the need to preserve the planet. As a result, companies and industries began to rethink their products and how to adapt them to the new reality of the contemporary world.


    According to data from the United Nations (UN), Brazil is the emerging country that contributes the most to sustainable production and makes resources available to countries in the Americas  Latin and Africa. In addition, a survey carried out by the Brazilian Micro and Small Business Support Service (SEBRAE) showed that almost 60% of small Brazilian entrepreneurs already consider sustainability as a business opportunity. In addition, it is understood that investments related to sustainable products, such as hygiene and beauty products represented 18.2% of the sector's revenues in 2019, according to Nielsen Brasil. With this expanding market in Brazil, it is increasingly favorable to invest in exports, mainly to countries in South America.

    The appreciation of conscientious consumption is remarkable around the world: in 2017, a survey carried out by the private company Health Focus in the United States - one of Brazil's main economic partners - indicated that 17% of the country's population consumes vegan and sustainable products, and this rate is expected to increase. This encourages the development of eco-friendly products, such as reusable or biodegradable cups and straws, since, according to studies published in the LA Times, the US population discards 500 million plastic straws daily and the world population consumes around 500 billion cups plastics per year.


   Thus, it is understood the growth of the market for sustainable products around the world, the importance of joining movements related to ecological and sustainable practices and the role that Brazil occupies in the international scenario regarding them. However, in order to take proper advantage of this expanding market, specialized assistance from  a consultancy, which involves a study and selection of the most suitable markets for export, aiming at a complete internationalization process.  


By Rafaela Ferreira Picolo on 8/14/2020


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