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The rise of soybeans in world exports

    Considered one of the richest plant foods in protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals, soy has a large number of benefits in its consumption, including benefits to the heart, arteries and aid in combating obesity and diabetes. Thus, it stands out as one of the main products in the grain market and its production and export grow more and more.

  Soy is present in food, cosmetics and biodiesel.

    Its use is very varied and covers several sectors, the main one being the food sector, in which soy is used in the production of foods such as meat, pasta, chocolate, eggs and milk, in addition to being one of the main alternatives for people who do not consume animal protein or are lactose intolerant. Its use is also through vegetable oil extracted from soybeans, which makes up most of vegetable oils and is used in the production of margarine, mayonnaise, cooking oil and vegetable shortening. Outside the food sector, its oil is used in the production of makeup, paints and as a raw material in the production of Brazilian biodiesel.

  Brazil leads soy exports in the world.

    Currently, more than half of the production of grain, oil and soy meal is destined for export. According to the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (EMBRAPA), Brazil is the world's second largest producer of soybeans, producing 114,843 million tons in the 2018/19 harvest and having, according to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), a estimate for the 2019/20 harvest of more than 126 million tons, thus reaching the first position in the table of main soybean producers, hitherto occupied by the United States.

  China, Spain and Holland as the main importers of the product.

    Among the main exporters of soy are Brazil - occupying first place in world exports of the product - the United States, Argentina and Paraguay. In 2019, the export of soy in Brazil reached the equivalent of 26 million dollars, thus, according to Comex Stat, soy leads the ranking of exports both in the agricultural sector and in total exports and makes up 17% of all exports in the country, with Mato Grosso being the state that exports the most soy and is responsible for 36% of its exports. The market to which Brazil exports the most soy is China - the main consumer of the product in the world - followed by Spain and the Netherlands.

  The importance of the performance of an international consultancy.

    Therefore, soy makes up an already consolidated market that is increasingly developing and has great export potential, thus, with support focused on consolidating the product in foreign markets and its internationalization, it is certain that this tends to expand even further most.

By Letícia de Alencar 06/26/2020



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