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Why and how to export?

    The Brazilian market is very wide and with great investment opportunities, it is possible to find a rich variety of businesses and products. However, from micro-entrepreneurs to large companies, many have difficulties in achieving their goals within the market, leading to a question: how to achieve my goals? This is where the reasons to export your product and internationalize your company can be the answers.  


    Consolidated in Brazil or not, entrepreneurs have several advantages when looking for new markets to enter. The first and most instigating reason is the expansion of your horizons, since exploring markets outside Brazil implies finding new consumers, who within a saturated market no longer supply your company's sales needs. In addition, it will be an opportunity to improve your product and expand your production, expanding the growth and impact of your business.


    The export process must be done carefully and with a lot of previous study. From choosing the country of insertion, knowing the best region to structure your business or sell your product, to international competition and possible commercial partners, also going through all the bureaucratic practices so that all export regulations are met. The lack of preparation when exporting can result in failure, making it necessary to follow up with expertise, since without the correct studies, the success of your sales would be under very high risks.


    It is with the objective of facilitating these steps and offering solutions for your internationalization process that Prisma takes action. The international consultancy consists precisely in providing a preliminary study so that your investment in the foreign market is more assertive and with less risk, bringing positive results and a prosperous growth of your business. With a team working exclusively to study your goals, Prisma offers services that encompass the complete export process, ensuring your safe investment in international trade.

By Mariah Piero on 11/8/2020


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