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What is an international consultancy

   Starting activities abroad or investing in a certain market niche can be a delicate and risky attitude. However, with proper planning and analysis, this practice becomes almost synonymous with success. In this sense, International Consulting emerges as a highly qualified study that aims to help entrepreneurs to expand their markets through the internationalization of their companies or  of the correct choice of a  product.

   For these results to be achieved, the entrepreneur must have adequate knowledge about the dynamics and functioning of the local market. This domain of the economy of the destination country or region is essential to avoid risky or even harmful decisions being taken.

   Furthermore, it is essential to have a solid notion with regard not only to the economy, but also to a historical, political, social and cultural panorama in order to ensure that such a product fits the consumer's way of life and profile. Furthermore, when you intend to export any goods, it is extremely important to know the bureaucratic barriers that you will encounter on your way to arrival in another country, avoiding any unwanted unforeseen events.

   Another crucial aspect that will also be present in the research is the timeliness of the information covered. Succeeding in the internationalization of companies and products means being up-to-date with current market data and possible trends in the local population.

   Finally, a consultancy is configured as an in-depth study that provides the client with specific guidance to meet their needs. Therefore, Prisma performs personalized services ranging from Market Indication, through Market Analysis and Tariff Regulation until reaching the Buyers List, aiming at  reduce risk while finding the best opportunities for expansion in the market.

By Annaluisa Lima on 10/23/2020

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