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The growing importance and export
of sunflower oil around the world

    The consumption of vegetable oils has increased all over the world, replacing part of the consumption of animal fats, both due to the growth of vegetarianism and veganism, as well as the increase in its use by the food, pharmaceutical and state-owned companies.


    Sunflower oil, one of the biggest current competitors of soybean oil, due to its low saturated fat content and its richness in vitamin E, is considered ideal for the manufacture of several products, in addition to corresponding to a 10% share of the production of grains and vegetable oils in the world, and having as main import destinations concentrated in the EEC and Mexico.  

  Robust world import demand

    In 2018, the Brazilian production of sunflower oil reached 140 thousand tons, making it one of the main sources of vegetable oil in the world.  


    According to the FAO, in 2019, sunflower oil prices registered an advance, supported by robust global import demand.  


    Investing in the export of this type of vegetable oil is a great option for those who want to expand their business internationally, as this branch of the industry is growing.  


By: Nadia Haddad 02/13/2020




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