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O palm oil and its international prominence

    The fat from the palm, in Brazil, has a broad correlation with cuisine, and the famous palm oil comes from it. However, this oil has most of its production absorbed by the industry and can be used in the composition of margarines, chocolates, cookies and also be part of creams and hygiene products. For these and other reasons, this product is the most consumed oil of vegetable origin in the world.

   The vast Brazilian production of palm oil

    As Brazil is in a region with a climate that favored the cultivation of the palm that produces such oil, it has a very high productivity, where one hectare of planting can generate about 5 tons of oil per year, a value ten times higher than that of the soy, for example. Such productivity enabled Brazil, in 2011, to occupy the ninth position among the largest producers of this oil, according to the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service.

    O leo most consumed in the world

    Within the world stage, the most consumed oil in the world, presented in 2017, a commercial move higher to $ 33 billion, and, I ndia and China alone imported almost thirty percent of the total. Despite the large market and the large Brazilian production, Brazilian exports in 2017 were still very timid, amounting to approximately 52 million dollars, mainly concentrated in neighboring countries such as Colombia.

     The importance of the performance of an international consultancy

    It can be seen then that exports of this product would enable countless possibilities for growth for local producers, whether for countries already established as large consumers, such as China, or for some others that are growing, such as Malaysia, which in March 2019 showed an increase of 22.3% growth in its oil exports compared to February of the same year. So it is essential that anyone who wants to enter this market makes a detailed analysis of how and where to export your product.  


By: Felipe Jukemura on 02/19/2020


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