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Brazilian Beachwear:
the affirmation of Brazilian culture abroad

    Praia Fashion is a sector of the textile company that is very present in the economy and in the Brazilian daily life, being a country of world reference in beachwear design, in addition to being the largest manufacturer and consumer of this type of clothing, its pieces range from: bikinis, bathing suits , swim trunks, beach gowns and accessories such as bags and hats. Among those mentioned, the Brazilian bikini stands out, which is known and recognized internationally, for its style and creativity, with a variety of colors, prints and raw materials, with its main aspect, originality, which differentiates it from others manufactured. In other countries.

   Brazilian beachwear is very successful in the foreign market, moving the national economy occupying a prominent position among export products. With that in mind, ABEST (Brazilian Association of Stylists) created the +Beach Brasil group, a project aimed at the internationalization of associated beachwear brands. The objective is to further assert an identity abroad and increase exports.

   According to ABEST, the Brazilian Association of Stylists, in 2016, Brazilian beachwear brands raised 1.7 million dollars at fairs in Miami and Lyon, helping to total 10.8 million reais, 12.5% more to 2015, which demonstrates its expansion potential. Of this amount, 40.2% went to the  The United States, which are the main destination for exports in this sector in Brazil, followed by Portugal (12.5%), France (8.2%).

The importance of assistance from an international consultancy

    As an industry in great demand, aspects such as the Brazilian lifestyle, mixture of races, the tropical climate and beach culture are factors that determined Brazil's position in beachwear exports, causing its  internationalization is a very possible and promising reality, thus, a market evaluation, thinking about the  identification of the best regions for exporting the product and a list of buyers in these places will facilitate the successful internationalization of the product.

By Natalia Pontes on 06/03/2020


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