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Pasta: Gastronomic versatility and popularity in the international market

    Originally a mixture of cereal flour and water, pasta has created a huge field of gastronomic possibilities, with delicious foods enjoyed around the world. From them, come dishes such as pizza, bread, cookies and, mainly, pasta, one of the most appreciated and popular foods in gastronomy. Introduced by the Arabs into Italian culture in the mid-nineteenth century, who in turn spread this dish throughout the world, pasta was popularized in Brazil with the arrival of Italian immigrants.  

    Pasta is an easy food to prepare, a source of fiber, easy to digest and has a sublime flavor, which is increasingly appearing as an indispensable food on the table of Brazilians. According to the Brazilian Association of Biscuit, Pasta, Bread & Cakes Industries (ABIMAP), just in 2017, Brazil earned R$ 8.751 billion from the sale of pasta, and according to a survey, in 2018, it closed the year with a turnover that reached R$ 26.6 billion, demonstrating enormous growth and the sector's ease in overcoming the economic crisis that the country has been suffering.  

Brazil stands out in world sales

    According to a survey carried out by Nielsen A. C, Brazil is one of the leaders in world sales in the pasta sector, conquering 4th place on the list, behind only Italy, the United States and Russia. The country registered highs in both internal and external sales compared to 2014 and 2015. The same survey also points out that, despite a small internal drop suffered in 2017, the market grew around 34% in total sales and 4, 5% volume per year for the last 5 years .

Innovations in the mass market

    Due to advances in consumers' search for healthier food and sustainable production techniques, the pasta market is moving towards innovation. As the administrative manager of Massas Bella Venezia, Marconde Henrique Pinto, points out, in order to improve the company as a whole and favor the growth of production, it is necessary to modernize the business structure and improve processes in order to contribute to the growth of customers.

The importance of assistance from an international consultancy


    It is essential that those who wish to enter the international market seek guidance and delve deeper into the sector's primary requirements so that they can succeed in trade. For this, it is necessary to aim at innovative and efficient techniques, always valuing prior knowledge of the sector at the international level, in order to achieve success in your investments in this market that continues to grow in the country and in the world.  

By Marina Leite on 10/31/2019


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