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   Of Asian origin, cultivated for more than 5 thousand years and with a great variety of types, the mango arrived in Brazil, more precisely in Bahia, in the mid 1700's and from that moment on it spread across the continent. This fruit that brings health benefits, such as improved memory, vision protection, and is versatile in its preparation, consumed both sweet and salty,  it is considered a national fruit in three countries, Pakistan, India and the Philippines. Currently, it occupies a large space in Brazilian exports and in the international fruit market.

The successful production and export of Brazilian mangoes around the world

   Today, Brazilian mango production is mainly concentrated in the São Francisco Valley, which is responsible for 90% of the country's mango exports, in addition to generating more than 200,000 direct jobs, according to ABRAFRUTAS (Brazilian Association of Fruit Exporters Producers and Derivatives). In 2019, Vale sold around 227.6 million dollars worth of mangoes to the foreign market, a 27.3% increase compared to 2018, according to EMBRAPA (Empresa Brasileira de Pesquisa Agropecuária). Among the varieties, the Tommy Atkins type, mainly because of their resistance to long-distance transport, and Palmer are the most commercialized.

Exemption from tariffs for Brazilian mangoes in European countries

   Among the export destinations, the countries that most import Brazilian mangoes are the United States and some countries in the European Union, mainly the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Brazil made up 35% of the volume purchased by the European bloc in 2018, which is facilitated by tariff exemptions on fruit imports.

The good reaction of exports to the pandemic

   In 2020, although the first half, due to the pandemic, had a yield 21% lower than in 2019, the first two months of the second half were already 53% higher than the same months last year, also according to ABRAFRUTAS, which highlighted that the months of september to november are usually the peak for sending brazilian mangoes abroad.

The importance of an international consultancy

   Given this Brazilian success in production and export and the good expectations in the fruit sector, mangoes can be a great opportunity for Brazilian producers who are looking to expand their business and face new challenges in the international market. For this, a good strategic planning is essential, so that the process can be done safely and without unnecessary expenses. International consultancy and market research can help your product to successfully arrive and be well received in your chosen country.

By Guilherme Gomes on 9/24/2020


The mango market and Brazilian success

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