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The jeanswear trend in the midst of the pandemic

   Brazil is one of the world's largest producers and consumers of denim – or jeans, as it is better known – and is also highly competitive in terms of exports of this product. It is a very diversified market, encompassing consumers of different ages, genders and in different seasons. Culturally, Brazilian jeanswear is extremely widespread; at the same time that it is used in everyday life, at work and at school, it can be associated with a designer fashion item (no wonder it is a very popular fabric in Fashion Weeks).  

The international recovery of the sector amidst the pandemic


   The outbreak of the new coronavirus has been causing a strong economic impact in the world, however, Brazilian denim exports continue to reach good numbers. According to a survey carried out by GBLjeans, a communication vehicle on the jeans market in Brazil and worldwide, based on information from the Brazilian government's foreign trade system in 2021, fabric exports increased 62% compared to 2020 .


   Argentina was once again the main destination for Brazilian denim. The country purchased US$935.2 thousand, an increase of 12% compared to March of last year and a number almost three times greater than the purchases made in February. Colombia was in second place, followed by Peru (until April 2020 Brazil did not export denim to Peru).

   In the first quarter alone, Brazil exported US$8.52 million in denim, 12% more than in the same period last year. The increase in Colombian purchases explains, according to the survey, part of the advance. From January to March, Colombia bought US$2.9 million, practically triple the value traded in the first quarter of 2019.  

   While export values gain momentum, imports made by Brazil continue to fall, mainly because of stoppages in China and the rise of the dollar.

The importance of assistance from an international consultancy


   Finally, it is noteworthy that even with the rise in denim exports and the good recovery of the segment in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, it is essential that there is a market study to ensure good transactions. Market Analysis, a service offered by Prisma with the aim of deepening the analysis in order to determine if the chosen country is in fact a good investment option, is an alternative to guarantee the success of an export.  


By Luiza Chucre on 09/10/2021



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