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The importance of information
in a consultancy

    A consultancy helps in identifying the main steps to be taken to achieve certain goals or solve specific problems in a company or area. In the case of international consultancy, a service offered by Prisma, information is provided to help the client to have a basis for the export process, from selecting the best country to export to, to helping to select potential buyers.


    Exporting is not easy, the process of entering a new international market can be very complex, so when it is done without the support of specialized research, it can have unfavorable consequences for the exporter. With the help of a consultancy, this process becomes simple and takes great pressure off the exporter, it is vital as it provides more accurate and targeted information about a market and the export process and, as mentioned earlier, serves as a foundation for the client achieve a goal or solve a problem.


    Here at Prisma, we provide the most essential information to help exporters start their internationalization process. Through a thorough research, we present the best countries in which the customer has the best chance of success in marketing their product; then we analyze the entire country through various lenses, providing more information needed to find the target audience for the product and other issues relevant to the international insertion of the client, such as social, economic and demographic data, etc; in the penultimate stage, we explain how to export, commenting on the main documents to be removed, fees to be paid and carrying out a logistical analysis, which helps the client not to waste hours or days in researching through bureaucratic processes; finally, we deliver a contact list of potential buyers of the product, facilitating direct contact between our customer and buyers of their product.   


    In this way, the product's internationalization process can be very accurate, generating profit for the client who chooses a specialized international consultancy. With all the processes mentioned above completed, those who dream of going beyond their borders and taking their product to the international market have great chances of success in their business.

By Antonio Pedro Miranda on 10/08/2020


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