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The importance of knowing the markets before exporting

    In order for a company to grow, strengthen itself and increase its profitability and competitiveness, keeping in line with its values and objectives, it needs to be always up to date with the different changes in commerce and it needs to be able to continually reinvent itself in order to differentiate from others.  However, it is necessary to note that issues such as the economic scenario, policies and cultural differences in the country may end up offering some obstacles, such as low demand for certain products, government tensions and fierce competition, for example.  

    For this reason, investing in an internationalization process can represent a great opportunity to expand or start your business, as this way your company will be able to overcome its exclusive dependence on the domestic market, reach different groups of people and mainly expand its potential. However, so that this process can be carried out more assertively  and successful, it is extremely important to know the different regulations, agreements, social, historical and economic aspects that different countries may present. In view of the fact that this will make it easier for them to enter a certain region, with greater consumption, less competition and, consequently, greater profitability.  

    In this sense, and based on the fact that this data is changed daily and can end up creating great barriers for your business, it is recommended that, first, a study be carried out on which would be the best countries to export your product, then a more specific analysis of the chosen location, taking into account economic and cultural aspects, and finally, an analysis of the necessary regulations and who would be their potential buyers. This can be done through an international consultancy, which is characterized by being an assistance to the issues mentioned above, and  It will allow all the doubts and difficulties of a company about the foreign market to be resolved and to have better results and ease in this expansion.  

    Therefore, before starting this process, try to understand, through a study, all the aspects that can benefit or harm the sale of your product in the national and international market, which is always changing, so that, in this way, it becomes a more safe, well-founded, with clear objectives, greater financial return and even more expressive growth.

By Julia Zahary on 11/01/2020

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