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Soursop: delicious on the palate and in Brazilian exports

    Among the Brazilian fruits on the market, soursop has come to occupy a prominent place on the international scene. Belonging to the group of the genus Annona, its trees, the soursop trees, have an arboreal size that reaches about 4 to 6 meters in height, which makes them adapt to the tropical and subtropical climate, favoring their production in the North, Northeast regions. and in coastal areas of Brazil. Superficially, the fruit is surrounded by a green rind that has thorn-like projections, with its interior being composed of pulp separated into combs and a large number of seeds. Soursop has a unique taste, bittersweet and acid, attracting national and international consumers, which led to an increase in demand for it.

    fruit versatility

    Soursop, as 54% of its fruit is pulp, has the ability to be used in the production of juices, ice cream and  syrups and ended up becoming one of the most famous Brazilian fruits, with a high demand for the production of these various items. Another major current differential, now in the health sector, lies in the discovery that some compounds extracted from soursop have been shown to be effective in fighting cancer cells, including those that have become resistant to chemotherapy(s) and cocktails of medicines, and can be seen as a totally innovative product.

    Use in healthcare and cosmetics

    With this new discovery and taking into account a growing  popularization of the consumption of fruits in pulp, (since they were not known in the international market), the number of exports of soursop increased considerably, being  currently one of the 5 most sought after fruits in Brazil and abroad, according to a survey carried out by the Brazilian Association of Producers and Exporters of Fruits and Derivatives (ABRAFRUTAS) as well as: mango, guava, passion fruit and acerola. Among the countries to which such fruits are most exported are Portugal, the United States and Australia. In New York, for example, soursop fruit pulp is sold in several Mexican restaurants, while in Portugal it is widely used to make juices and cosmetics.  

   New expanding market

    However, it should be noted that the export of soursop is a new and unprecedented market! What makes the product end up becoming a differentiator for consumers in other countries, but at the same time makes it impossible to have concise data regarding the number of exports of the same. In this way, its exportation and its demand are at the beginning of a path that will surely lead to a climax, since soursop is a very different and delicious fruit from the habitats.

    The importance of the performance of an international consultancy

    Given the expansion capacity and versatility of the Brazilian fruit, it is worth emphasizing the need to carry out a market assessment to identify regions of expansion. Furthermore, providing a list of buyers would be a chance to recruit future buyers since this is a product that still has great market possibilities, either  for the food sector or for the health and research sectors.

By Letícia Mori on 05/21/2020



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