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The Gluten-free Growing

      The population is increasingly adopting a healthier lifestyle, whether through exercise, practices such as yoga or even the consumption of healthier foods. Among these, the large market that confers the food sector has stood out, especially the growing sector of "gluten-free" healthy foods.

   New opportunities

      The products have a special characteristic due to the absence of gluten, a protein present in several grains, so that many products can be "gluten-free", such as bread, pasta, pizza or even baby food. There is a large market in the world for celiacs, but with the growth of “millennials” and changes in consumption habits, a boost in the growth of the gluten-free products market is expected.

    growing market

      Signs of this growth can already be seen in the market where, in 2018, the global market for these products was estimated at US$17.59 billion and, it is anticipated that it will expand, within a compound annual growth rate of 9, 1% between the years 2019 and 2025.

    The importance of the performance of an international consultancy

      Although there is a greater predisposition for the growth of this segment in developed countries, the market has been growing around the globe as a whole. Thus, in order to meet this growing demand from the world population, the opportunity to internationalize gluten-free products can lead to a path of good results. However, due to different product acceptances and demands, an analysis of markets as well as buyers' lists can make this process faster and more profitable.

By Felipe Jukemura 04/16/2020




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