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The insertion of gin in the alcoholic beverage market

    The trend began in Spain over a decade ago and expanded throughout the European continent, reaching Brazil, stimulating not only the market for importers, but also for local manufacturers. The new "darling" of the alcoholic beverages market is gin and it already has about a dozen national micro distilleries, in addition to being the seventh most consumed spirit in Brazil.


Emergence of gin and main brands

    With its origins in the Middle Ages, gin is derived from juniper liqueur, a drink also called genever by the Dutch, made from this pseudo-fruit with medicinal and flavoring characteristics. Some of the most prestigious brands are Gordon's London Dry, London, Bombay Sapphire, India and Ginebra San Miguel, the Philippines, which is the largest worldwide popularity since sold over 21 million 9 - liter in 2016 boxes .


Gin Rise in Brazil and International Opportunities

    According to Euromonitor Internacional, the spirits market in Brazil has been growing more and more, causing gin, as well as Scottish and American Whiskey, to have an increase in the country above the average. National gin micro distilleries seek to benefit from the accelerated growth of the domestic market, and may even be the target of purchases by multinationals. However, the country considered the largest consumer of gin in the world was the Philippines, which consumes 450 million liters per year (which represents 43% of world consumption) making it one of the most interesting countries for the export of the product.


Main importers  

    In addition to the country mentioned above, we can also highlight the United Kingdom, which, according to the OEC, purchased around 1.4 billion dollars of bottles of gin in 2017, and the largest importers of white drinks in the world, the US being them ($7.26 Billion -  25% of world purchases of white drinks), Germany ($1.5 Billion - 5.2%) and France ($1.26 Billion - 4.4%). Importantly, the US imported around 8.2 million liters of gin and 9.93 million 9 liter cases were purchased in the United States in 2016.

Export Opportunities


    In short, we can say that the growth of gin consumption is clear, making the drink increasingly gain space in the international market. Thus, it is of great interest to export this product, mainly to the United States and the Philippines, as they are places where demand is greater.


By Eloisa Carvalho on 11/14/2018


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