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The increasing levels of chicken meat exports in Brazil 

    Chicken meat, a product widely consumed in most cultures around the world, is on the rise in terms of exports, and Brazil is among the countries that most export this type of food.  


    According to the Brazilian Association of Animal Protein (ABPA), Brazilian exports of chicken meat totaled 2.433 million tons between January and July 2019, and is 5.8% higher than the amount registered in the same period in 2018. sector sales are up 10.8% in 2019, with total revenue of US$4.072 billion.  


    Since the beginning of 2019, China has been standing out as the leading country in the import of Brazilian chicken meat, due to the current sanitary crisis plaguing the country. According to Francisco Turra, president of ABPA, " The sanitary situation inAsian countries, such as China, resulting from outbreaks of African Swine Fever, pressured the demand for several proteins in large markets in that region.  Thanks to this, the general revenue of Brazilian exports showed a better level of increase than the balance in volumes".  


    During the month of November 2019, according to the Ministry of Economy, Industry, Foreign Trade and Services, exports of fresh chicken meat totaled US$ 285.58 million, and the price paid for each ton shipped is US$ 1587.41, 1.3% higher than the amount paid in the same month in 2018.  


     According to Ricardo Santin, executive director of ABPA, " The disruption in the market generated by China comes at a time when other relevant importers have increased their purchases. There is also good news coming from Mexico, where shipments should go gain new momentum with the publication of additional import quotas".  


    In short, due to the data analyzed, it is concluded that the export of chicken meat in Brazil is in a period of high, and that the time is ripe to expand the market for this product internationally.  

By Nadia Haddad on 12/06/19



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