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US Support for Renewable Energy and Global Benefits
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    Renewable energies are gaining more space and notoriety around the globe. With several forms of electricity production, which are often more efficient than conventional ones and with much less impact on the environment (in relation to the emission of CO2 and other pollutants), it has been displacing others and becoming more common in all over the globe. Such energies can be from wind, marine, solar, among others, and have benefits for the entire society, from the population itself, even to the State.  

US Support for Ending Coal Energy Exports

   This discussion came back on the agenda after, on September 14, 2021, US President Joe Biden announced to the US Department of Treasury that he will support, in conjunction with the Organization for Trade and Economic Development (OECD), proposed measures to end support for official export financing for coal-fired energy. Together with the European Union, the United Kingdom, Canada, South Korea, Norway and Switzerland, the US government thus aims to implement its plan for an agenda with greater combat against climate change.  

The environmental, commercial and socioeconomic benefits of this decision  

   This decision, however simple and still declaratory in scope, was important, in addition to being expected, since, according to data from the World Bank, the United States is one of the countries that produce the most CO2 worldwide, with approximately 15.2 metric tons per capita and the largest producer of coal in the world, which may, with this measure, reduce part of its impact. Added to this, according to sources given by the World Bank, it is remarkable how the consumption of energy generated by fossil fuels has been declining since 2010, while, on the other hand, the generation of energy through renewable matrices has been growing exponentially since then. period, reaching 1.645 trillion kWh, about 18% of all world production in 2015.  

   In addition to being beneficial to the environment, this decision is highly positive for the commercial and socioeconomic sector, considering that, according to an article published by the newspaper Valor Econômico, companies and people should invest in greater creation of renewable energy by 2022, since its consumption of electricity from "green" matrices is smaller and cheaper than the conventional one, providing greater cost-benefit, also initiating a greater production chain of services from such sources in the countries as well.  


   Already covering the socioeconomic side, a survey carried out at the Federal University of Ceará showed that the installation of these energy sources generated several benefits for communities such as Beberibe, in northern Brazil, with the generation of jobs. In addition, the construction of wind farms in the region resulted in greater movement of trade within the site and intensification of trade, due in a way to the existing ecological tourism.

The international rise of renewable energies and the importance of international consultancy


    In this way, it is seen that renewable energies are gaining ground and notoriety around the globe and that their benefits transcend only gains on the energy side, expanding to social and economic gains in the regions that were implemented as well. Invariably, the future is reserved for such headquarters and more and more people, companies and States are mobilizing to acquire them.  


    Therefore, if a company wants to understand where to invest in order to be successful and know the best form of energy to be produced locally, a consultancy such as Market Identification is essential to understand how and where to install such sustainable energy which is no longer from the future and has become the present.

By Enzo Toledo on 15/09/2021



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