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Spices: a market without borders

    Black pepper, nutmeg, cinnamon, coriander, turmeric, rosemary and thyme.  All these products are characterized by spices, thanks to  its plant origin comes from bark, roots and seeds. Along with them, dozens of others stand out for their strong aromas and great impact on the gastronomic environment. Typically, spices are used to improve culinary dishes, but historically they have been used in food preservation and in the production of medicines.


    The first spices appear on the eastern side of the globe, which over the years of war reached the western side. The encounter with this product, which until then was unknown, revolutionized European palates was a great milestone for Europe. At its inception, spices were exclusive to the upper classes of society, due to their high price together.  with the great difficulty of transporting them around the world. Because they are so valuable, spices have already been used as a bargaining chip among elites.


    Brazil appears in this international market as a great spice exporter. This item is justified by an already saturated domestic scenario, with producers focused on exports. According to the Ministry of Industry and Foreign Trade, clove and black pepper exports generated more than US$ 25 million to Bahia in 2018. Furthermore, according to the Brazilian Micro and Small Business Support Service (Sebrae), the export of spices grows 2% a year, thanks to the great international demand for cuisine with flavors different from those commonly enjoyed by consumers.

    International market

    The healthy food market is growing in the country and in the world, using heavily the most diverse spices. The market for organic herbs and spices grows on average annually, according to Sebrae, 30%, thus announcing the market's valuation for products that go out of the ordinary.

    The importance of the performance of an international consultancy.

    It is clear that the future of the spice market will not find barriers to growth. Brazil has its cuisine recognized around the world, which only increases the demand for our regional spices. As it is a product that currently reaches a wide market, a more specialized analysis of the target audience and markets will result in a more aware investor and better prepared for a market with great possibilities.

By Mariana Barboza 23/04/2020



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