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International disputes around CELAC

What is CELAC?


    Latin America has within its formation several Regional Blocs, with the most diverse common objectives among its Member States, in order to guarantee their interests. Among them, it is necessary to exalt the presence of CELAC (Community of Latin American and Caribbean States), in which, although its performance is timid when compared to larger blocks such as Mercosur, it has great relevance throughout the continent.


    Created in February 2010, with the active participation of 33 members, CELAC has two main vocations: cooperation for development and political consultation. The regional bloc aims to promote discussion of topics of interest to countries in the region, such as education, social development, culture, transport, infrastructure and energy, while maintaining the idea of a South-South debate, since the United States and Canada are not present in the bloc, just like in the OAS (Organization of American States).


Your main current goals and possible conflicts.


    Therefore,  it is notable that CELAC has its sphere of influence on the continent. Aiming to expand it, the last meeting was held in September 2021, in which the president of Mexico and also host of the summit, Andrés Manuel López Obrador proposed the beginning of an economic integration process, just like the Union, within the bloc. European, transitioning to a continent more politically and economically grouped among its Member States.

    The main objective of this action is mainly aimed at removing the influence of the OAS and the United States in the decision of various matters, since, due to its power, it somehow oppresses smaller countries that aim to use the platform of these blocks for larger international claims.

However, the decision to create a bloc of these proportions will clash with others already consolidated, such as Mercosur and the OAS, which may face competition, depending on how this process of regional economic integration is created. Added to this, countries like the USA and Canada do not look favorably on their formation, as they exclude them from the main formation, in addition to trying to weaken the OAS, one of the biggest platforms for promoting their influence within Latin America.


What is Brazil's role within this environment?


    Brazil is currently out of CELAC by decision of the Bolsonaro government, since January 2020, with the allegation that, according to the former Minister of Foreign Affairs (in possession at that time), Ernesto Araújo: "CELAC had not been having results in the defense of democracy or in any area". Therefore, considering disputes that may occur with Mercosur and allied countries such as the USA, the approval and return of Brazil to CELAC, nowadays, may be difficult.

    However, within International Relations there are many things that cannot be considered fixed, such as the participation of countries in blocks and economic integrations.  

   Therefore, the possibility of a Brazilian return in the future should not be discarded, even more so an integration project that can generate several fruits for the Brazilian economy, such as CELAC. Therefore, for an investor, it is always necessary to be updated with the market, which is why a Market Update service is of paramount importance to always be aware of global changes and possible opportunities.

By Enzo Toledo on 11/24/2021



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