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Vegan Cosmetics - Beauty Without Animal Exploitation

    The trend in the cosmetics market is changing over time, thus affecting the global market. With a generation more connected to issues related to the planet and its inhabitants, the use of products from animal origin or tested on animals is no longer an option. Packaging with the Cruelty Free seal - products not tested on animals - are increasingly present in stores and in people's homes.  

    A report by the American consulting firm Grand View Research, carried out in 2017, estimated that the global vegan cosmetics market will reach approximately 20.8 billion dollars in 2025. That is, with an average annual growth of 6.3% during the forecast period. In the United States alone, the gain is expected to surpass a mark of 3.16 billion dollars by 2025.  

    In addition to new brands focused on this sector of the beauty market, there is also the trend of old brands that have added vegan products to their shelves, such as the Brazilian Natura, which won the cruelty free seal in 2006, and the British The Body Shop.  

    Also according to the study by Grand View Research, Brazil was the prominent country within Latin America in the development of the sector. Germany, France and the United Kingdom, showed a considerable increase in followers of veganism in recent years, also presenting a positive impact on the cosmetics sector aimed at this audience.  

    Finally, all forecasts only project good growth for the sector. Thus, despite the bureaucracy necessary for a brand to be recognized as vegan or to obtain the cruelty free seal, the market return and awareness of planet earth are worth the investment. According to the business consultant at Sebrae-SP, Rodrigo Smorigo, cosmetic customers do not see higher product prices as a problem when they know they are something different.

By Vitoria Godoy 12/04/2019


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