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Handmade Cosmetics: A sustainable, natural and promising market.

   The economic market for handcrafted products is constantly growing, especially in the cosmetics sector. Estimates by the Folha de São Paulo newspaper indicate that by the end of 2020, the public that uses these products will reach a total of 2.6 billion people in the world. This growth is largely due to movements of people around the world who prefer natural goods, that production does not cause problems for the environment or animals.

    The “NaturalTech” and “Bio Brazil Fair” fairs presented data collected in June 2018, showing that the Brazilian market for natural handcrafted cosmetics moves more than R$3 billion per year, with an average annual growth of 20%.

    The production objectives of these artisanal cosmetics are to sell natural products that do not harm the environment or animals and are often made through homemade production, in addition to being cheaper than industrialized ones and having a more careful and careful production. According to the pharmaceutical producer of artisanal cosmetics, Renata Jorge Tiossi, the artisanal cosmetics market has been growing for many reasons, among them: the care with sustainable packaging, the duration and quality of this article.

    A study carried out by Kantar Worldpanel in early 2019 noted that the most engaged with the animal cause and aware of the environment are Brazilians. In this survey, they also found that more than half of handmade cosmetics consumers have environmental protection as the main motivation for their preference for these items.  

The market for Brazilian products and the importance of assistance from an international consultancy

    In addition, consuming handcrafted products is a way of life, most people who use this type of cosmetic value the sustainability and transparency that the small producer passes on to his client. This market has great export potential and as mentioned before, Brazil is the country that stands out in the field of handcrafted cosmetics. Consultancies are a great way to reach this innovative market outside the Brazilian territory, this type of work offers the necessary means for the internationalization of these goods. Some provide services that take into account the target market for the product, the age group and the type of consumers who used the merchandise in the chosen country, in addition to presenting the cultural and economic characteristics of the place of interest. The bureaucracy and fees necessary to export the merchandise are also displayed and, at the end, a list of possible buyers of the product in the selected country is presented.


By Natalia Magnani on 05/27/2020


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