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Why hire a junior company

       The Junior Enterprise Movement began in 1967 in France and soon spread to the rest of the world. Today, the country with the most junior companies is Brazil. These companies are the product of the union of students enrolled in a higher education course, who seek to contribute with their services to the development of their country, while acquiring knowledge and experience as they enter the market.

     As they are companies incorporated into higher education institutions, EJs offer great services, constantly shaped to suit their customers. Thanks to the direct contact they have with the graduation, with access to a privileged knowledge environment and under the guidance of qualified professors from these same institutions, the EJs offer a service that values innovation and knowledge.  

       The Junior Companies are, in addition, regulated non-profit associations. Thus, offering an affordable cost for their services, while maintaining the same quality as senior companies. The EJs also guarantee trained and dedicated professionals willing to perform their services, who value learning and communication with their employees.

       In addition, hiring a junior company means investing in Brazilian education, knowledge of universities and young people who will enter the market of tomorrow, better able to transform Brazil.  

       Prisma recognizes the needs of the current market, and is committed to always updating and adapting its services according to such demands. Thus, offering high quality, lower prices and people motivated to provide projects specifically planned for each employee.


By Karol Colby on 11/07/2020




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