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Coconut: a versatile and advantageous raw material 

    Coconut is a raw material that can be consumed in its natural form, green coconut, or as its derivatives: oils, refined coconut, dried coconut, fiber or coconut milk. However, according to SEBRAE (Brazilian Service to support micro and small companies), the consumption of green coconut water is specifically prosperous and significant in Brazil. Its largest exporters and producers are Asian countries, the same ones that originated the fruit. Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand are in the top three.

    Coconut can be extracted from various by-products of its husk, fruit and leaves, making it a commodity that reaches a wide range of commercial sectors, from the cosmetics to the food industry. Therefore, the cultivation of coconut is an extremely profitable business and there is demand all over the world, mainly in the United States, where the import value reaches around U$165 million.

    Countries located in the tropical region are privileged in this market, as coconut cultivation requires a series of climatic specificities, such as temperature and altitude for an abundant production. In addition, there is a relevant facility for planting in terms of low cost and high availability.

By Matheus Bovo 02/23/2019


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