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Slippers: Comfort as an international trend

    The COVID-19 pandemic, without a doubt, brought several changes to our daily lives. With the social distancing and the consequent adoption of remote work by many companies, there was a significant increase in the use of more comfortable clothing and accessories, so between June and August 2020 there was a 58% jump in the search for slippers on a global scale.

Brazilian tropicality highlighted abroad


    Even before the pandemic, the product was already prominent among Brazilian footwear exports, representing around 50.4% of the total footwear exported in the country in 2018, according to the Brazilian Association of Shoe Manufacturers (Abicalçados). This expressiveness is given by the use of colors and prints that refer to Brazilian tropicality in the slippers, thus highlighting cultural aspects of the country combined with a comfortable sole, a fact that differentiates the Brazilian product in the market.


   In addition, slippers tend to become even more popular, while they were present on the main catwalks in the world during the  Fashion Week in Paris and Copenhagen, among the brands that bet on footwear, stand out Fendi, Ducie and the Swedish Acne Studio. Thus, the versatility of flip-flops is noted, which are no longer restricted to casual occasions, as they are now notable in the haute couture and high fashion industries. Therefore, the demand for footwear should increase in general and extend to a post-pandemic reality.


   Furthermore, according to Abicalçados, until November 2020, Brazil exported around 84.48 million pairs of flip-flops, corresponding to US $598.73 million. The main destinations for the product are: United States (shipment of 8.5 million pairs), Argentina (7 million pairs) and France (6.46 million pairs).


The importance of assistance from an international consultancy

   Therefore, it is evident that this is an opportune moment for the export of footwear, as there is an expected growth in the demand for slippers on an international scale. Thus, for greater assertiveness in the export of the product, a consultancy is recommended, which will guide and accompany the client during this process.

By Thais Medeiros on 22/04/2021


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