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    It is not new to anyone that agribusiness is very present in Brazilian exports, but seeking to diversify this export basket, the Confederation of Agriculture and Livestock of Brazil (CNA) and the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (Mapa) have set shipping as their main objective. even more items like honey, teas, nuts and fruits for foreign markets in 2021.

Increased exports


   Speaking exclusively of tea, its consumption is already part of the daily life of various cultures, which explains the great demand for its export, which has been growing significantly. Exports of tea, mate and spices in 2020 showed a reversal of the medium-term trend, reaching US$356.1 million, reaching a growth of 14.1% compared to the year 2019, which presented sharp drops since 2017, obtaining an improvement impressive, attracting the attention of many merchants. The main export destinations in this sector, in 2020, were: Uruguay representing 17.5%, the United States with 14.8% and Germany with 10.4%.


    The bet on tea exports is also justified when we analyze the numbers for 2021 which, together with mate and spices, reached US $31.5 million in the first month of 2021, which represented a growth of 32.0% when compared to January 2020.  

The importance of an international consultancy


   It is noteworthy that even with the rise in tea exports, a market study is necessary to avoid the risk of an unsuccessful investment, bureaucratic issues, domestic and international competition, factors that greatly influence the sales of a particular product.

By Natalia Pontes on 03/09/2021


Tea: the big bet for the future

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