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Cellulose: from eucalyptus to your everyday life 

    Derived mainly from eucalyptus, cellulose has become one of the main products exported by Brazil; and in 2012, the country occupied the first positions in volume produced and exported. Since then, the product has been standing out in the world trade scenario, as the dynamics of the pulp industry is totally focused on the export market.

Sustainability wave highlights pulp in the international market

    With the growing concern about sustainability, people have partially or completely abandoned objects derived from petroleum, giving way to biodegradable and recyclable products, that is, products made from cellulose. Pulp has become a commodity produced on a large scale, with affordable prices and good quality, it is also raw material for making notebooks, notebooks, calendars, books, notepads, cardboard, boxes, paper bags, invitations, etc. . The product is increasingly becoming more versatile and customized, adding value that it did not have before and following the growth perspective of the demand for sustainable products.

Giant Chinese demand

    According to data from the Brazilian Tree Industry (Ibá), pulp production reached about 21 million tons in 2020, up 6.4% from 2019, ranking second in the pulp producing countries. In addition, exports totaled around US$11.3 billion, equivalent to 4.3% of Brazilian exports, concluding that this source of renewable, recyclable and environmentally friendly and biodiversity-friendly raw material is also a giant in the world. international market. Chinese demand is an example of this: pulp exports to China in 2019, the most important destination for the Brazilian pulp sector, totaled US$3.3 billion.

energy advantage

    The most modern pulp projects, in addition to being self-sufficient in energy, generate large surpluses for commercialization, in the order of 18.3 million gigajoules, equivalent to a medium-sized hydroelectric plant. Therefore, the pulp market is strong despite all the modernization of current times. In addition, it is shown as a large sector that generates jobs which stands out in the sustainable environment. Thus, the possible investment in its internationalization allows for a better understanding of the export area and its advantages of the product in the international market.

The importance of international consulting

    Pulp is currently on the rise in the international market and it is a great time for its producers to seek to internationalize their product. However, this process requires a lot of care and study. Therefore, it is essential to have the support of an international consultancy, such as the services offered by Prisma. We can help you more safely and efficiently walk the path for your business to reach the world.


By Sarah Vicente on 03/25/2022.



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