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Brazil: The increase in exports and the trade balance surplus

    In April 2021, Brazil totaled around US$26.480 billion in exports, surpassing the country's records, in capital terms, when comparing this value with others analyzed during periods  above. This growth in Brazilian exports is reflected in most commercial categories.


    However, the main sectors emphasized were the Extractive Industry, which reached a value of US$ 6.46 billion, the Agricultural Industry, which moved a capital of US$ 8.23 billion, and the Manufacturing Industry, which resulted in US$ 11.66 billion, according to the website of the Integrated Foreign Trade System (Siscomex). Thus, it is clear that the high growth in exports was due to the increase in exported volumes and the rise in prices on the international market, making the Brazilian product, which is cheaper, attractive.


    Thus, it is noteworthy that the main destinations for Brazilian products in this period went to countries like China, where Brazilian exports increased by 55.1%, according to Siscomex. According to Herlon Brandão, Undersecretary of Foreign Trade Intelligence and Statistics,  this happened because most Asian countries suffered the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic in a more irrelevant way, which made them continue to buy significantly, mainly, agricultural and food products from Brazil.


    Thus, according to the Secretary of Foreign Trade (Secex), exports in this four-month period became historic, as they were greater than those reported in this same period of time, that is, in the first four months of the calendar, in other years. In addition, Brazil also reached a surplus of US$10.35 billion in April, which was stimulated by growth of 67.9% compared to April last year, according to Siscomex.  


    Therefore, even within the current scenario together with the Covid-19 pandemic, it is possible to see that Brazilian exports continue with great strength in the international market. With this, Secex, in its most recent projection, estimated that in 2021 the Brazilian trade balance will register a surplus of US$89.4 billion, with US$266.6 billion coming from exports and US$177.2 billion from imports, such as is presented by the newspaper Valor.


    In view of all this study carried out by the Secretariat of Foreign Trade, it is possible to consider the possibility of exporting Brazilian products to the international market in 2021 as an advantage. Market and Market Analysis, as they contribute to a more assertive and efficient internationalization.

By Brenda Ferreira on 05/12/2021


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