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Netherlands: main European destination for Brazilian exports

   Encompassing the important cities of Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague, the small territory of the Netherlands – informally called the Netherlands – lies in Western Europe, sharing borders with Belgium and Germany. Its size, added to its climate, ends up harming the abundance of natural resources, which historically made the country structure a solid international trade to develop its economy. Since then, the country has become one of the largest economies in the world and among its main trade relations is Brazil, a country with which its exchanges reached, in that year 2021, billions of dollars.

Bilateral trade balance favorable to Brazil

    In this regard, this bilateral trade balance generates a surplus favorable to Brazil, as it imported this year, according to Comex Stat, US$ 1.4 billion from the Netherlands, while it exported US$ 7.1 billion. However, these data demonstrate the impact of the pandemic, since in 2019 Brazilian imports totaled around US$ 2 billion and exports US$ 10 billion, which shows that, under normal conditions, trade with the Netherlands is still more intense and favorable for Brazil.

The relevance of the Netherlands to Brazilian exports


   Having said that, it is important to mention that this relationship dates back to the 17th century, when the Dutch occupied the Brazilian Northeast, attracted mainly by sugar production in the region. A few centuries later, in 1828, diplomatic relations were established between the countries with the Treaty of Friendship, Navigation and Trade and, since then, their exchanges have intensified until the European nation is the fourth largest importer of Brazilian products, which have become based mostly on agricultural products, such as soy, and oil derivatives, according to data from the Economic Complexity Observatory (OEC). Therefore, it can be said that the Netherlands is the largest Brazilian market in Europe.


Advancement of air agreements between Brazil and the Netherlands

   Due to the success of this relationship, the Brazilian government recently advanced with the progress of air agreements developed between the country and the Dutch government in 2019, being approved by the Federal Senate in May of this year, 2021. These negotiations aim to minimize restrictions on services of the airlines of both countries, which will strengthen their ties, especially in the areas of commerce and tourism. Now only the ratification of the current President of the Republic is necessary to truly enter into force.


The importance of assistance from an international consultancy

    From this, it can be concluded that exporting to a stable partner such as the Netherlands brings great advantages to Brazil, which is why they seek to intensify such exchanges through the aforementioned air agreements. Especially in the agricultural and oil sector, where most of the goods exported to this European nation come from, the chances of building a profitable business are high. However, to insert your products in international trade, it is necessary to be very careful, study and plan to develop the most assertive exchanges with your business offer, something that can be solved through the services of Market Identification or Market Analysis.

By Mariana Fernandes on 10/13/2021


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