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Biscuits or biscuits: the taste of these delicious exports

    The dispute between nomenclatures for the sweet product, based on flour, sugar and milk; that divide who prefers to call it a "biscuit" or a "cookie" is one of the questions that create the most discussions on the internet today. However, the way consumers call this item does not hinder its success in the national and international market: for children, adults and the elderly, cookies are one of the most delicious products for an afternoon snack or to eat before bed .

Brazilian cookies on the international market

    The Brazilian sector has shown great growth in exports of these goods in recent periods. The country stood out in global trade as the 4th largest exporter in the world, according to market research firm Euromonitor International. According to the Comex Stat portal, in 2018, national sales of cookies reached US$ 100.625 million, an increase of 10% compared to the year 2017.  


    Projections for 2019, with the results for the first half of the year already released, are also positive: according to ABIMAPI - the Brazilian Association of Biscuit, Pasta, Bread & Industrialized Cakes Industries - there was a 12% increase in value (US$ 16.6 million) and 18% in volume (11.4 thousand tons)  in exports, if compared to the values for the same period in 2018.

Main global buyers of Brazilian products

    Among the consumers of Brazilian products that stood out, the less conventional ones have taken the lead in the data released by ABIMAPI: markets on the African continent, such as Equatorial Guinea, Cape Verde, Democratic Republic of Congo and Nigeria, stood out in the purchase of biscuits from the brands nationals. In addition, more consolidated markets, such as the United States and Portugal, are still a great choice for national exporters.

Opportunities in this market and the importance of the assistance of an international consultancy

    With this growth and great expectations in the sector's trade, the time to export is now. The food niche of biscuits and biscuits is an international highlight for Brazil and, together with a market study, prioritizing target countries and carrying out a detailed analysis of the export process, it is a great chance for Brazilian producers to be successful in their business .


By Beatriz Sgrignelli on 10/04/2019


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