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vanilla: the promise
of spices

   In addition to the numerous nutrients beneficial to health through ingestion, vanilla is a highly versatile product. The famous sweet flavor of essences for breads, cakes and beverages does not exceed the value of their mild fragrance, which increasingly delights consumers of moisturizing lotions and perfumes. In addition, the bacterial property present in the spice, which helps control acne, together with its antioxidant-rich constituents, are responsible for preventing skin aging.

new international opportunities


    Faced with a widespread concern with aesthetics and health, vanilla is a product that is expected to rise in the market, so why not go international? The main consumer markets are the United States, France and Germany, representing 85% of global demand. Madagascar also stands out as a country with a large volume of imports, however, it is going through a turbulent period. The very high prices resulted in a widespread early harvest for fear of theft from producers, which generated grains of not so good quality, making the time ripe for new exporters.  

The growing national vanilla market


   In this perspective, with the intention of expanding the production of agricultural commodities in Brazil, the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply announced a new partnership with the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (Embrapa), aiming to support the structuring of family farming enterprises. The Vanilhas Nativas project will operate in the northeast region of Goiás, and in the southern region of Bahia, where training and technical reports on handling, use, cultivation and conservation of the spice will be carried out.  

The importance of assistance from an international consultancy


   Therefore, the vanilla-oriented trade finds several possibilities for growth. With the help of the country and international interests, a market analysis is essential to help your company in mapping the best buyers and investments. Therefore, look for the services of Prisma Consultoria Internacional, and allow us to be part of the strategic planning necessary to leverage your sales and expand your consumer market.

By Isadora Nastri on 10/08/2021


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