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Olive Oil: Liquid Gold

    Olive oil is a delicacy not only in culinary terms but also has several health benefits. With a huge range of flavors, olive oil plays a very important role in world cuisine, being present in thousands of recipes, whether they are gourmet or even homemade. As it is an extremely comprehensive and inclusive product, you can easily find the simplest and cheapest as well as the more sophisticated ones.

huge consumer market


   The international olive oil market is highly opportune, as the product is in exorbitant demand. The focus of consumption stands out in the European domains, with 53% of all world production destined for European countries, such as Italy and Spain, which consume around 500,000 tons per year.


Brazil with a great international reputation  


    Brazil stands out in the international olive oil trade, being the second largest importing country in the world, as we only produce 2% of what we consume of the product. Imports increased 20% between the years 2019 and 2020, reaching 33,843 thousand tons in the four-month period. However, the country is also investing in the production of olive oil and, as seen above, it has immense potential when it comes to the consumer market. Even though it is a new area for Brazilian producers, there are great expectations, since the country has already conquered a position of respect in the international market, obtaining classifications as “the best oil in the world” in the Smooth Blend category, in the New York Oil Contest.


    According to a 2013 analysis by the Olive Oil Times, emerging markets, including Brazil, are enjoying spectacularly faster global growth. Even though they started on a lower base and later than developed countries, they expanded three times faster, recording a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 13% in previous years, which in 2019, for example, meant a Brazilian production of 230,000 liters. In view of the data analyzed, it is a fact that Brazilian olive oil is entering the international market with all its strength and everything indicates that we are on the right path.


The importance of the performance of an international consultancy  


    As a result of the news covered in this text, the importance that olive oil has been gaining in the international market is noticeable, and for those looking for a precise and accurate investment, Prisma Consultoria Internacional's participation in this stage is more than necessary, providing detailed and safe analysis of all the necessary data when performing a thorough and thorough market study.

By Érico Simões on 07/30/2021


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