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The riches of Brazilian peanuts

    Of Latin American origin, the peanut cultivated specifically in Brazil, stands out more and more in the international market. In 2022, domestic exports of the product amounted to US$332 million. For 2023, there is a prospect of an increase in this value, especially after the recent withdrawal of requirements and a decrease in control of the legume for the European bloc, which already consumed around 70,000 tons last year.


Bureaucratic changes can increase the national export of the product


    Another positive factor is that China, the world's largest importer of the product, granted authorization to export peanuts to 47 Brazilian companies. Consequently, this sector, which is already quite strong and mostly based on trade with the European continent, finds in the Chinese giant new opportunities and space for consolidation in the Asian scenario.


Use as an ingredient in other products: secondary profit opportunities


    The possible appreciation of peanuts also implies other positive consequences. The fact that it is consumed in natura or as a raw material for cakes, sweets, ice cream, etc., can also indicate an improvement in the rates and control of products sold internally. Rich in proteins and vitamins and included in several typical Brazilian recipes - such as pé de moleque, pasta and hominy - it is also possible to expect an increase in these national products. 


Positive movement of the Brazilian domestic economy thanks to the production

    Still in the internal context, the movement of the Brazilian economy due to peanut production tends to be positive. Revenue from farms reached BRL 28 billion in 2022, accumulating a growth of 47% over the last three years. In addition, the roots of the legume are nutritious for the soil and imply a sustainable production opportunity.

What this growth represents for the productive branch and how to take better advantage of commercial opportunities like this one

    Although products such as soybeans still irreducibly have the largest scale of production and commercialization, peanuts are increasingly becoming a profitable alternative in the field of grains and legumes. With the help of consultants, the benefit of these commercial opportunities is carried out with even greater security, in view of the assistance provided in market research, bureaucratic issues and advice on decision-making.

By: Beatriz Leite de Gouveia in 10/02/2023


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