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New Meat Substitutes: The Promising Vegan Food Market

    More and more, the world population has become aware of consuming less food of animal origin, or even cutting their consumption entirely, whether for reasons of health, ethics or sustainability. As a result, the vegan food market has stood out in recent years and gained more and more space internationally.

    The wide variety of these products and the constant quality improvements, such as the creation of flavors increasingly similar to those of animal products, contribute to the constant increase in the number of vegans, as well as non-vegans who consume such foods.

  Potential for expansion and introduction of new products on the market.

     Thus, according to a survey conducted by Grand View Research, in 2018, the global vegan food market accounted for 12.69 billion dollars and projected itself in an expansion of 9.6% until 2025, proving to be a product each featured in dishes around the world.

    The same survey also pointed out that, among such foods, the ones that stand out the most in the market are dairy substitutes, such as cheese, yogurt and vegetable-based ice cream. These products represented, in 2018, 50% of global vegan food revenues and have a high growth potential in the coming years, considering the projections for an increase in the number of vegans and, in addition, of people with lactose intolerance, who they are a large portion of the consumers of such products.

  The main markets for vegan foods.

    Internationally, the United States stands out in the consumption of vegan dishes, which grew 10 times more than in the country's total food market in 2018, according to Fluxo Consultoria. Likewise, the United Kingdom is also a great exponent of the consumption of vegetable-based foods, which observed, between 2005 and 2015, a 360% increase in the number of people who declare themselves vegans, according to a study published by the Bank. from northeast.

  The importance of the performance of an international consultancy.

     Considering the constant increase in the demand for vegan food globally and the countless possibilities for inserting new products in this market, it can be seen that they are goods with high export potential. That said, the importance of professional analyzes that promote the maximum use of internationalization opportunities for these foods is manifested, such as market analyzes and buyers' lists, which provide a more promising, faster and more profitable export process.

By Giovanna Relva 08/20/2020 ​​



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