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   Whether in Brazil or abroad, the health food sector has become more prominent every year, while consumers are more concerned about their nutritional needs and seek to adopt a lifestyle that is more compatible with their physical and mental well-being.

Global growth of the health food market


    As a result, according to Euromonitor, the growth rate of the health food market is globally higher than that of the food market as a whole. According to the same source, "free from", organic, and fortified foods are among the main types of healthy products that will stand out internationally in the coming years.

Top products that will stand out internationally

    Products "free from", that is, products that do not contain ingredients such as lactose or gluten, have long since stopped being consumed only by people with some type of food intolerance and have gained the attention of the general public. Interestingly, according to Jared Tanna, cultural analyst at Canvas8, the success of "free from" foods is not just about the ingredients they don't contain, but also about the beneficial aspects of their alternative ingredients, which capture the attention of consumers. consumers.


    Organic foods are also big trends, especially in developed countries, with emphasis on the United States, the largest consumer market for these products, and also for China, France and Italy, which have also shown growth in this sector. In addition, according to the Pew Research Center, 55% of Americans consider organic products better than conventional foods, while 44% say most of their food consumption is organic. Furthermore, according to the IFT (Institute of Food Technologists), global sales of organic food and beverages totaled US$105 billion in 2018, with US$47 billion referring to the United States..  


    As for fortified and functional foods, according to the IFT, totaled US$267 billion in global sales in 2020. For this niche, emerging countries, especially in the Asia-Pacific region, may be promising destinations because, according to Euromonitor , these products are heavily consumed to supply possible nutrient deficiencies. In European countries, in turn, consumers tend to prefer naturally healthy foods over artificially fortified ones.

Expansion opportunity for Brazilian brands

    The health food market can be an excellent choice for the insertion of Brazilian brands abroad, however, it is a niche full of specificities that can be decisive for the product's success.

Importance of an international consultancy


  That said, the work of an international consultancy, such as Prisma, is extremely important to understand the country and region in which the product will be best marketed, as well as who its target audience will be, allowing the elaboration of an export strategy effective.

By Giovanna Relva on 19/04/2021


Healthy food: emphasis on health and international sales

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