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Export of the best pet foods 

    More than 132 million pets live with human beings throughout Brazil, according to IBGE data. The rate is close to one animal for two people. In homes, farms and farms there are 52 million dogs, 38 million birds, 22 million cats and 18 million fish. Worldwide there are 1.56 billion, and Brazil is located in  4th place on the global scale. Being considered more and more part of the family, the demand of the owners for quality food increases more and more.  

The pet food market in Brazil


     The Brazilian pet food industry is constantly updating and growing. It is also a relevant part of agribusiness, as around 67.3% of 2015 revenue came from animal nutrition products, whose composition is 95% agricultural, with ingredients such as corn, soy, rice, wheat and poultry, beef and fish. Showing that with each passing year its influence in different sectors increases.


   Thus, in 2019, the Pet Food Brasil manual was created by ABINPET (Brazilian Association of the Industry of Pet Products) together with great technical and academic professionals to serve as a reference in terms of quality and safety in the production of these foods.  measuring  the quality of raw materials, nutritional parameters, applicable analytical methodologies and ideal production conditions to ensure safe food for national and international markets.


    Until 2016, Brazil was not among the Top 10 in terms of sales in this world market, and today it ranks second, only behind the United States. The food market (Pet Food) represents a total of 73.9% of all exports related to Pets, earning approximately US$ 192.6 million, which represents 0.38% of the Brazilian GDP. Brazilian production in 2018 represented 2.66 million tons for both the domestic and foreign markets. In 2018, this trade generated a total of US$ 14.2 billion worldwide, responsible for the creation of 1.7 million jobs.  Brazilian production in 2018 represented 2.66 million tons for both domestic and foreign markets

The importance of assistance from an international consultancy


    Therefore, the product shows potential for foreign and domestic trade, as the number of Pets only grows and with it the demand for a good and balanced food as well. However, some export processes may present obstacles, being  It is always the best option to get a consulting company at your side to help with difficulties that may arise during the process.  

By Gabriella Wertheimer Cinque on 06/07/2020


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