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The use of technologies for Brazilian exports: agility and security for entrepreneurs

   The digital transformation, which was already happening at an accelerated pace, was extremely driven by the COVID-19 pandemic, which made the adaptation to technological tools a necessity. And, like other processes, export procedures have been facilitated by new technologies, allowing for cost reduction and streamlining of customs processes.

The use of the blockchain in foreign trade  


    One of the components of this digital transformation of foreign trade is the use of the blockchain as a technology that facilitates the export and import processes. This tool consists of a decentralized chain of "blocks" that carry information, forming a global coded network, making it practically inviolable.


    The Federal Revenue, through Decree No. 10,550, regulated the use of the blockchain in foreign trade to, among other purposes, facilitate the validation of documents at customs, from which the need for manual signatures was removed, which can be replaced by a digital certificate.


    Furthermore, with the blockchain regulation, the use of customs integration platforms, such as bConnect, created by Serpro in conjunction with the Internal Revenue Service and which since October has been used between Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina and Uruguay, is also allowed to automate the sharing of customs information, in addition to providing greater security through an advanced encryption network..


The reformulation of  Single Foreign Trade Portal

  In addition, in January this year, the Ú Portal single Foreign Trade has been redesigned, allowing the bureaucracy of procedures relating to export, import and customs transit, ensuring greater cost savings and unexpected, and considerable agility. With these improvements made , Thiago Martins Barbosa, Portal ManagerÚ nico Siscomex the Ministry of Economy, said that the demands of foreign trade can be met more easily.

Despite the new facilities, the help of an international consultancy is essential


    These technological improvements are a great facilitator for Brazilian businessmen, both those who already export and those who seek to initiate such a process with their products. Furthermore, a specialized international consultancy, such as Prisma, through a mapping of regulations and tariffs, can simplify the bureaucratic export procedures even more, ensuring the certainty that there will be no unforeseen events along the process.

By Giovanna Relva on 03/02/2021




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