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How the export process works

    Many national companies see the international market as a great opportunity to expand their business and every year the search for internationalization increases, because in many cases the export process is even more profitable than the sale of the product in the national sphere. However, the export process requires great planning, having a well-established internationalization strategy and it is in this process that international consulting firms are needed.


    One of the most important steps for the company's insertion in the foreign market is to identify and analyze the international markets, since the future of your company will depend on the market in which your product will be introduced, considering which markets are more suitable for insertion of a given product and which ones bring less opportunities for it. Another point is the importance of informing yourself and adapting your merchandise to different regulations and tariffs. It is necessary to reiterate that different countries have different regulations and inspections on certain products. In addition, it is also important for the success of the investment that the company identify and establish contact with potential buyers and importers abroad, processes that aim to show the feasibility of exporting in each case.


    Contact us and find out how Prisma Consultoria Internacional can help your company in the export process, maximizing profits and facilitating your company's expansion. Guiding a process with specialized research and analyzing each scenario in detail to bring the ideal solution for your business and deliver a consultancy that results in the success of your internationalization dream.

By Natalia Pontes on 08/06/2020

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