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Garlic Bread: Market and Production Inside and Outside of Brazil



      Garlic bread is an extremely versatile product that, over time, has taken on a fundamental role in the barbecue menu and Brazilian culture. The trade of this product has been on the rise in recent years and can be an option for producers looking to expand internationally. Nevertheless, the consumption of the product within Brazil makes the domestic market one of the most promising for commercialization.

Types of garlic bread and its international popularity

      Although popularly known in its conventional form, variations of garlic bread have grown in popularity in recent years. The trade in flavors such as tomato and chicken has been indicated as having experienced significant growth in the last year, with increases of 16.31% and 13.49%, respectively. Additionally, vegan and vegetarian versions have been highly sought after by the market, and although gluten-free versions are not experiencing the same growth, this is definitely a niche to be explored by industry producers.

      More unusual variations, particularly those involving garlic bread sandwiches, have become very popular in Brazil, which already has many restaurants specialized in this market sector.


Garlic bread in the market

     A universally appreciated combination, the fusion of bread with garlic became popular in Brazil in its barbecue form - that is, soft bread filled with a garlic cream. However, one of its most popular forms in the world is the American version, known as garlic bread, which consists of toasted bread drizzled with olive oil, salt, and, of course, garlic. The similarity of this version to Italian bruschetta suggests that this may actually be the origin of the popular American dish.

      Overall, given the universality of the product, its market is promising for producers aiming to expand their business


Expanding the Commercialization of Garlic Bread

    For a producer to expand their sales, whether nationally or internationally, gaining a better understanding of the garlic bread market is an essential first step. In order for this analysis to be conducted more thoroughly and comprehensively to maximize the trade of the product, a consulting firm like Prisma becomes crucial. With a well-structured strategy and market knowledge, the chances of success in the internationalization process become increasingly higher.



By Cecília Pessoa on 09/20/2023


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