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Shampoo and Conditioner bar: one of the main trends for the cosmetics market in 2023

      Environmental awareness is a growing global trend whose impacts are seen in the most diverse areas. In the market, what is observed is the establishment of a more conscious consumption, linked to the search for sustainable practices by both brands and consumers – according to a survey carried out by Mercado Livre at the beginning of the year, the consumption of sustainable products in Brazil doubled compared to 2021. In this sense, innovative products linked to these purposes have gained more and more space in the market and one of the main examples of this trend, which is sustained for 2023, are shampoos and conditioners in bars.


About the product


         Inicialmente patenteados pela britânica Lush ( 1995), bar products, since they do not need packaging, were developed with a view to reducing mass disposal and pollution resulting from traditional plastic packaging, which accounted for 552 million units per year, according to a survey by the brand itself. In addition, the bar products came to fruition in such a way as to confer several other sustainable benefits, among them: water savings and the replacement of polluting synthetics in the formula.

Brazil in the shampoo and conditioner bar market


          In Brazil, there are great representatives of these products, such as the Orgânica, Simple Organic and BOB brands, which have been registering wide receptivity in the market for their performance and for the wide loyalty of their consumers attracted by “green marketing”. However, there is still a lot of room for its expansion in view of the need to increase its accessibility, and its growing acceptance by consumers, which opens up a lot of space for entrepreneurial action that is increasingly stronger around this market. more ecological. Even more, the fact that the product is handcrafted from an easily accessible raw material has been another incentive for betting on several new businesses. 

    In such a way, aligned with the more sustainable trend of consumers, the bet is that the shampoo and conditioner bar will be sustained for another year as strong products for the Brazilian cosmetics market.

By Nicolle Palharini on 12/19/2022


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