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The growth of the fresh beef market

  • Second product with the highest growth in exports;

  • Brazil as the main producer of beef;

  • Livestock cycle and Brazilian exports.

beef market


      As a result of a large investment in technology that took place for decades, Brazil has become one of the most important producing countries of beef in the world. Given the productivity and quality of the Brazilian product, beef has become such a competitive food that it has reached the market in more than 158 countries around the world. This, given that at the beginning of 2022, several new countries began to import beef from Brazil, which demonstrates the growth of the market.

      In addition to its international popularity, the country's beef is also indispensable for Brazilians, who, despite the rise in the price of meat, they continue to consume Brazilian beef, with 73.9% of Brazilian beef production dedicated to domestic consumption.


Market numbers 


      In 2020, according to Abiec - Associação Brasileira das Indústrias Exportadoras de Carne, Brazil was the largest producer of beef and had the largest bovine herd, being responsible for 18.8% of this production worldwide. Currently, the export of fresh, chilled or frozen beef already represents 4% of the country's exports, with a turnover of R$7.5 million. 

In 2019, Brazilian beef exports were estimated at 1.828 million tons, while in 2020 it rose to 2.69 million tons, according to data published by Abiec (Brazilian Association of Meat Exporting Industries). This demonstrates a record export for the country, representing an increase of 8% in the export of this product.

      In 2022, the cattle export scenario is already positive. According to the CNA - Confederation of Agriculture and Livestock of Brazil - fresh beef was the second most shipped product, totaling, up to mid-March, US$ 889.5 million, showing an increase in relation to the same month. of the year 2021.


Is it worth exporting beef?


      In this way, the beef market, which has been growing more and more, shows promise. In addition to the growth trend of this market, the increase in meat due to the livestock cycle: in times of high prices, the rancher invests in the activity, increasing production capacity; then, in a second moment, prices stop rising, causing the population to consume the product even more, in order to take advantage of the “low price”, in relation to the old one. The opposite also happens, as it is cyclical, to prevent the price from rising indefinitely. This proves to be a good time to export beef.


By: Ana Letícia Piedemonte on 06/27/2022


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