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Brazilian humanitarian assistance: Turkey in the spotlight

What is humanitarian assistance?


     Humanitarian assistance is characterized by international aid activities promoted to a given society at risk due to natural disasters or adversity found within their socioeconomic and political realities. In this sense, several countries can provide material, legal or moral support to enable the establishment of peace in contexts of extreme vulnerability experienced by any individual in a given territory. Despite the criticism directed at this peacekeeping instrument, it has the objective of guaranteeing and bringing a safe environment to the population in question, preventing the insurgency of new internal conflicts from triggering a new crisis and making people affected by adversities even more vulnerable. vulnerable. 


Turkey and the earthquake


      On February 6, 2023, two tremors of magnitude 7.5 and 7.5 on the Richter scale of 7.5 were reported. across central and southern Turkey, leaving a trail of destruction on all sides affected. Since then, information about survivors, deceased due to the incident and lack of resources needed for rescues and care for the local population has reached the international media, putting the administration of the current president, Erdogan, in check. Considered one of the main countries located on the border between Asia, Europe and the Middle East, Turkey is shown to be a great key player within the environment of international relations, mainly because it is characterized as the gateway to both territorial portions previously commented and for being directly linked to the Mediterranean Sea, an important resource for maintaining trade relations with the rest of the world.  


Brazilian action against the disaster


     After the impact of the disaster and the lack of resources available in the country to assist the population directly affected by the after the earthquake, it was agreed to send support to the victims and survivors of the earthquake by the current Brazilian government together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Integration and Regional Development. In this way, those who make up the spheres of the Brazilian Civil Defense were summoned, such as police, firefighters and members of the Brazilian army, in addition to sending six tons of equipment to the rescue team and four more sniffer dogs to assist in the search for new survivors. . Thus, Brazil is present in the process of reversing the effects caused by the tremors, encouraging the strengthening of relations with the population and the Turkish government.


Strengthening Brazil-Turkey relations


     Taking into account the points presented, it is possible to identify advantages for both countries in the face of what happened. As stated by the objective of humanitarian aid, not only would the diplomatic favor given by Brazil in this context be implicit, but also the issue of strengthening diplomatic and commercial relations between Brazil and Turkey. In this way, this would bring about a way of enabling the greater insertion of the Brazilian market in the Turkish reality through the export of food and fuel products that are lacking in the Turkish market, reaching a new consumer market and, thus, narrowing the negotiations between the two countries. Thus, a new turn within the two economies could be propitiated in this scenario, bringing benefits to both sides.

By: Bianca Dias on 02/14/2023


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