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 Aluminium: Gift from packaging to aircraft

     It is unusual for us to stop to analyze what objects that surround the daily routines of all people around the planet are made of. When we use cutlery, pans and even electrical appliances, it is uncommon to think of some similarity between them, however, both contain the same material in their composition: aluminum.

Malleable in ownership and in use

   The properties of this material, often used in industry, is the main reason for the versatility in aluminum applications. The low density and lightness of the metal alloys and the low corrosion rate, for example, are ideal for the construction of aircraft and equipment in the aeronautical sector, as it has a cheaper maintenance compared to other metal alloys. The most common use seen on a daily basis is aluminum cans, whose function is to store liquids - ranging from paints to drinks - due to their malleability property, which allows rapid production of cans, in addition to the various possibilities of sizes. and shapes in the products.

Brazil as one of the largest producers and exporters

    In addition to the great domestic demand for the material and its derivatives, Brazil is the world's second largest producer of derivatives of this very important resource. According to the Brazilian Aluminum Association (ABAL), 2.5% of Brazilian exports in the 21st century are associated with the metal such as bauxite, its raw material.

      In the period of the COVID-19 pandemic, there was an increase in exports, by about five percent of 2020 for 2021, according to ABAL. This demonstrates an essential market that remains active even in periods of downturn in other sectors of the global economy.

A metal present in everything we consume

    Thus, it can be noted that aluminum is increasingly present in our lives, being frequently exported to several countries such as China and other emerging countries, so these countries have been driving demand for several years. However, even with these diverse possibilities, just by conducting a survey, to whom and where to sell, profits can be seen. Thus, Prisma, through its services, makes the export process easier and more effective.

By: Gabriel Martonosi Otaviano on 06/15/2022


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