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Startups: new international trade bets and their next steps

     In a world where change is continuous and necessary in order to reach new frontiers, a model that has been gaining extreme notoriety are startups: small companies that seek rapid growth in the market based on their innovative ideas. These young and risky businesses looking for space in the market are revolutionizing international trade, so much so that so many investments in these "emerging companies" have never been seen as in recent months.

2021 and the largest investment in startups in history

    Having invested US$228 billion in startups in the first half of 2021 alone, it is possible to notice how, even full of uncertainties, they have become big bets in the business world. In the Brazilian panorama, this is no different, in the first nine months of the year, R$33.5 billion were invested in Brazilian startups. After all, with a world in constant change due to the coronavirus pandemic, the market has also changed, making Internet commerce and ideas aimed at rapid growth and profit generation a major focus for investors. So, with many of these young companies relying on technology and innovation, their growth was possible and has only increased over time.

A current market that demands innovations and changes

     In this changing scenario, large investments generate the need for quick responses by companies in order to remain in the spotlight. An example of this is NuBank, a Brazilian startup that with less than 10 years since its foundation by David Vélez , already has a market value of R$151 billion. The startup now has around 40 million members and has already received several investments, such as that of the Chinese company Tencent, which, in 2018, invested US$200 million for 5% of the company. This big bet in financial technology, considered one of the most valuable businesses in Latin America, has already expanded and has branches in Argentina, Colombia and Mexico. After all, the search for new markets, buyers and users is a fundamental step in the growth of a company to place itself in the global panorama and continue its expansion. Therefore, this NuBank strategy, of seeking to reach new frontiers and remain prominent in the market and among other forms of innovation, places the startup as a great investment recipient.

Internationalization as an important step in business development

     In summary, it is possible to conclude how new ideas and business models are gaining notoriety on the global stage, with startups being the main one. In addition, the need for continuous development and growth is visible in order to gain space in international trade, since a world in constant change and new developments requires companies to keep up with this flow of innovations.

By Larissa Tanaka on 10/23/2021


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