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Pitaya: the fruit that is a trend for health and your business

  The pitaya is a beautiful, vibrantly colored fruit native to Central America and Mexico. With its sweet taste and countless health benefits, the "dragon fruit", as it is also known, is increasingly part of people's lives and eating habits.

Rich in nutrients and health benefits

  It is rich in nutrients capable of preventing diseases such as anemia and cancer and improving the functioning of vital organs, in addition to having vitamin C and hydration, making it a great healthy option for consumption.  

Easy to grow, highly profitable and low investment

  In the commercial scope, cultivating the fruit is extremely advantageous due to its unique characteristics. The pitaya is versatile, as it adapts to different climates and soils, requiring few adaptations or specificities in relation to planting and care. It can be sold in its natural form, processed or even as a cosmetic. It presents a high cost-benefit ratio for the producer, as it does not require a large investment and brings profits in the short and medium term, mainly for producing approximately three crops per year.

The demand for the fruit is increasing abroad

   In the international market, Brazil is inserted as a great exporter of the fruit. According to Comex Stat, in 2021 exports in dollars reached US$353,908, in view of their growth in relation to the previous year, in which the value was US$149,946. This increase can also be seen in terms of pitaya exports in kilograms, which rose from 32,044kg in 2020 to 166,951kg in 2021. The main consumer countries of Brazilian pitaya are Canada and Uruguay, representing almost half of the total exported value.  

The importance of the performance of an international consultancy

  Considering all the benefits for consumers and producers, exporting pitaya is a promising business that grows every year. As Brazil is one of the main exporters on the international market, pitaya is a fruit full of opportunities for small and large producers who want to internationalize their companies. In this way, it is recommended the help of an international consultancy, such as a Market Identification, in order to know and understand the best markets for the export of pitaya, with greater assertiveness in the internationalization process.


By Júlia Cruz on 09/16/2021    


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